Organizational Change
The capability of an organizational to execute is the force between a winning strategy and its realization. Having an organizational capability with the flexibility and adaptability to rapidly transform an evolving strategic vision into concrete and appropriate action is a powerful competitive advantage. We work with clients across the areas of strategy and organizational capability, structure, merger integration, spin-offs, and divestiture. 

Mergers and Acquisitions, and Post-Merger Integration (PMI)

To build capabilities and establish strategic options under changing market conditions while maintaining as much flexibility as possible, it is sometimes imperative to acquire a suitable company. Acquisitions can help drive a comprehensive growth and portfolio strategy. However, numerous studies indicate that most mergers do not succeed in creating value. Therefore, is it prudent to select your target very carefully and concentrate on a systematic integration after the merger.

Operational Transformation

Six Sigma is a management strategy that seeks to improve the quality of process outputs by identifying and removing the causes of defects (errors) and variability in manufacturing and business processes. Lean Six Sigma operational transformation services help clients to significantly improve their operating performance and capacity, service levels, quality, and organizational capabilities through the strategic application of Lean Six Sigma principles and methodologies. HanssBDI facilitates change management by focusing on capability development, transfer, and training of the client organization. This methodology generates both short-term results and sustained long-term performance improvement.

Sales Force

We would maximize the effectiveness of the sales force to enable significant sales growth. There are many challenges in sales including dealing with difficult customers, and internal pressure to increase sales revenues without increasing the sales headcount. It is more effective for sales force to spend more time with customer contact than on low-value activities. HanssBDI helps companies to allow their sales forces to spend more time selling, building and maximizing the effectiveness of customer relationship. 

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What Type of Clients Benefit from Our Services?

Business enterprises that wish to:

  • Turn a vision into reality 
  • Strategically grow sales revenues and profits 
  • Improve business performance and processes optimization
  • Transform business operation into a long term sustainable engine of cash-flow
  • Improve marketing, e-commerce and innovation strategies
  • Improve customer acquisition & experience


 For a full demonstration of the range of services we can offer to innovate and grow your company, contact us.


Change Business Strategy to Growth Strategy supported by Marketing Strategy, Transformation & Turnaround Strategies

"Success is a process involving activities you're passionate about…daily" - Dr. Dennis Waitley

Technology Industry

HanssBDI assists companies in the technology industry sector to develop growth strategies, improve operations, and maximize organizational effectiveness. We also assist IT companies to create sustainable growth value through anticipating market demand shifts, developing innovative business models and product/solution offerings, and improving operational excellence. We serve the hardware, software, communications & business equipment, consumer electronics, semiconductor, and IT service providers.

HanssBDI focuses on the following areas:
  1. Growth strategies 

  2. Strategic Business Design 

  3. Vertical Strategies 

  4. Re-strategizing 

  5. Process Redesign
  6. Improving Cost and Capital Efficiency 

  7. Organizational Change

  8. Mergers and Acquisitions, and Post M&A Integration 

  9. Operational Transformation

  10. Sales Force

Growth Strategies

Every company wants to grow, but only few strategically and consistently realize revenue and profit growth. We use our value-added strategic business design process to help clients identify breakthrough growth opportunities and implement the business designs to capture them. We ensure that a company’s strategy and business processes are designed to be consistent with its strategic business model.

Strategic Business Design

HanssBDI’s strategic business designs are based on the analysis of rebuilding value in an industry, leading to the identification of value spaces that can systematically be tapped by alternative business designs. In the manufacturing industry, successful strategies can vary from strict component specialization to moving vertical and focusing on overall customer solutions, or on value enhancing services. 

Vertical Strategies

We would improve the effectiveness of the services of vertical activities out of the factory gate to capture some of the most profitable areas including the capital equipment sector. Many opportunities could be captured through vertical businesses to increase sales and profit. HanssBDI helps clients to identify and evaluate specific vertical opportunities.


Re-strategizing existing game plan to meet changing conditions is always paramount to growth. In a fierce competitive environment, or in an industry where the market is changing so rapidly that it is difficult to operate profitably,  restructuring and turnaround strategies are needed to turn the business around. The challenge is to achieve a sustainable turnaround with a clear strategic goal and a robust business case that promises sustainable growth.

Process Redesign

 An effective process redesign involves a realignment of management systems, organizational structures, and control systems. The goal is to maximize process efficiency, and go beyond streamlining of operations by removing unnecessary layers of management. Sustained improvement requires taking a dynamic perspective, top-down and bottom-up approaches. Top management must take leadership role and seek collaboration from all the different functions. Effective process redesign could reduce costs by 15% and working capital by 20%. In addition, one of the indirect benefits of a well-designed process model is a supporting framework for future operational improvement activities and organizational changes.

Improving Cost and Capital Efficiency 
Improving cost and capital efficiency could optimize asset utilization and increase  profit potential within an existing business design. This includes cost reductions, working capital optimization, and revenue improvement.