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"Passion provides the energy and enthusiasm needed to get things done" - John C. Maxwell

What Type of Clients Benefit from Our Services?

Business enterprises that wish to:

  • Turn a vision into reality 
  • Strategically grow sales revenues and profits 
  • Improve business performance and processes optimization
  • Transform business operation into a long term sustainable engine of cash-flow
  • Improve marketing, e-commerce and innovation strategies
  • Improve customer acquisition & experience


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Risk Management

HanssBDI works with enterprises to provide a range of services that result in effective, customized risk solutions to the challenges presented by the evolving needs and priorities of the organization.

Enterprise Risk Management
We help enterprises to effectively manage risk across their organizations. We assist clients to make risk-adjusted strategy, investment and capital allocation decisions that ultimately improve performance and optimize value creation. Our key focus areas include risks related to: capital and performance measurement; performance and value-based management; and risk governance related to regulatory changes. 

To develop an effective risk management framework, companies should select the best approach that would create value, and are embraced throughout the organization as a better way to conduct business. This includes risks related to credit losses, all types of waste, insurable perils, market prices, customers, strategic risk protection, value and supply chain. The framework should lead to a strong foundation for identifying, measuring and managing the full range of risks including organizational risk tolerance.

Corporate Decision Making Process involves Risk
HanssBDI helps organizations to develop a risk-adjusted approach to evaluating tactical and strategic decisions. Most robust corporate strategies include an explicit recognition of risk, and seek to maximize return for a given amount of risk exposure. We work with organizations to identify the approach that best suites the culture of the organization, and that will be effective for both the operational and administration functions. Companies must understand the risks involved with key value drivers. 

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