Operations & Technology

Strategic improvements to Operations and IT can have a significant impact on a firm’s business design and consequently on the bottom line. We would work with clients across a broad range of industries to bring market-leading efficient manufacturing operation, IT organization design, IT economics management, Lean Six Sigma, and Sourcing expertise to maximize your performance. A detailed understanding of the business drivers of profit and business performance in industries like professional services, automotive, product manufacturing, industrial services, retail & consumer products, supply chain & logistics, and high-tech allows us to apply specialized skills and methodologies to improve cost, quality and delivery.

Lean Six Sigma
Our Lean Six Sigma transformational strategies have enabled clients to significantly improve their operating performance and capacity, service levels, quality, and organizational capabilities through the strategic application of Lean Six Sigma principles and methodologies. Our industry and client experiences have indicated that the power of Lean Six Sigma principles and methodologies can be used as a strategic business initiative to transform an enterprise to breakthrough operating performance. 

The “Kaizen” approach (continuous incremental improvement) is tactically suitable to a product line, function, or organization that is mature and stable. However, this approach rarely delivers against enterprise strategic objectives regarding cost performance, speed, or capacity growth. Our approach produces significant improvements that encompasses the entire value chain and addresses the financial, operational, and cultural aspects required for significantly profitable improvements. This is mostly suitable to companies facing major new growth opportunities, intense cost pressures, or turnaround situations. 

Lean Six Sigma Diagnostic: Besides identifying instant corrections that can offer immediate savings, we would conduct an assessment of the enterprise, determine the opportunity, and develop a Lean transformation roadmap. Best practice analysis and benchmarking often provide insight during this phase. 
Lean Six Sigma Roadmap: We would work with clients to develop detailed and aggressive deployment of the Lean transformation roadmap and initiatives. 
Lean Six Sigma Pilot and Implement: Identify high-impact pilot area, implement Lean Six Sigma process, monitor results, and capture lessons learned. Horizontally deploy across the rest of the organization. 

Lean Six Sigma Sustain Performance Improvements: Working in conjunction with the performance enhancement process, we would assist a client in developing an organizational infrastructure and culture that will support and advance its Lean Six Sigma transformation process.

Value Sourcing & Procurement
Effective sourcing is considered to be one of the most successful performance enhancing contributors available for most companies. Sourcing and procurement represent over half of all costs in many firms, and can approach 80% of costs in manufacturing industries. We would assist clients to significantly improve their cost position and cash flow by strategically improving the procurement process. 
Even service industries such as banking, not customary candidates for gains through sourcing improvements, often have external purchases in the range of 33% of costs. That’s why it’s imperative that more firms take advantage of this opportunity. For example, other industries such as wholesale and retail, have external purchases in the range of over 80% of costs.  

When the value chain is strategically design to effectively and efficiently support sourcing, procurement and supply chain, it consequently increases time to market and time to profit relationship. Therefore, the procurement function should be viewed as strategic, and be given the organizational importance required to achieve high performance and value growth.

We would help a client to achieve both short-term savings and long-term performance improvement: 

Rapid Diagnostic: Besides identifying processes that can offer immediate savings, we would analyze spending by category and estimate the overall
opportunity. Benchmarking and best-practice analysis often provide insight during this phase.
Performance Enhancement: We would achieve additional savings right away through implementation of the category savings plan.
Capability Development: In conjunction with performance enhancement, we would assist in developing an organizational capability that will maintain and advance its level of excellence in sourcing & procurement.

IT Organization Design

We would strategically design IT organizational structure in terms of size, functions, skills, and operational services that would meet evolving business needs. We would create change management programs that are transferable to new and future
organizational structures.

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