Listen to the customer - HanssBDI’s would create a strategy from the customer’s perspective to uncover which considerations will drive and create demand for future goods and services. Listening to customers would help to create and propose a superior value that is consistent with their perceptions and expectations.  

Focus on the drivers of demand - Focusing on the drivers of demand would positively influence the value proposition. Therefore, it is imperative to understand: The direct impact of each demand driver on the microeconomics of the business; The reasonable investment needed to improve the brand equity; The focus of the marketing mix on any one specific event verses another; The capabilities needed to provide superior customer service including quick response time, and short delivery lead time.

Product Portfolio Management

HanssBDI helps clients drive rapid performance improvements by configuring their business around the needs of their customers in a competitively advantaged manner. We address all elements of the customer proposition - price, product, service, and brand. Our approach is distinguished by over 15 years of experience. HanssBDI’s product and service portfolio management includes:

  • Target customer segments  and product categories
  • Portfolio of formats
  • Competitive position and growth opportunities
  • Channel and geography strategies
  • Optimizing value equation
  • Price & promotions
  • Loyalty and differential marketing
  • Optimizing store size, ranging, and space allocation
  • Optimizing store locations, manufacturing & distribution network
  • Optimizing service levels and costs
  • Availability, queues, store, labor, etc
  • Brand Value Proposition  perception
  • Balancing the components of the brand
We assist companies facing declining growth, misconceived Value Proposition, or increased competition to improve the product or service Value Proposition including optimizing customer perception and promotion. We also help clients to improve their pricing strategy, product positioning, and customer targeting. By adding more customers in your targeted markets and improving growth prospects in other segments, you would improve sales revenues and profit.


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Marketing & Sales

The marketing effort strives to increase the number of interactions between potential customers and your company through broad exposure and visibility of the company’s product and/or services. This is achieved through the creative use of the extended marketing mix and the extended customer mix concepts. It also facilitates the sales endeavor and business development. 

HanssBDI’s unique capabilities in marketing and econometric analysis allow us to deliver significant, measurable value to enterprises in the areas of Value Proposition Optimization, Value Proposition/Pricing Optimization, Product/Service Portfolio Management, Product Innovation, Marketing Expenditure Optimization, Value Based Customer Management, and Sales & Distributions Model Transformation.

Value PropositionOptimization

HanssBDI would use a special method to analyze the value proposition of a firm’s product and services against the value perceived by customers. We would also analyze current demand in relation to the microeconomics of the business to determine the strength of future customer demand. This drives informed decisions with minimal risk, and strong growth in sales, revenues, and gross margins.

We would help you to assess the attributes of your value proposition to reinvent your business, especially during periods of sales & profit decline, or when facing growth difficulties. Some of the key issues to consider are: What unusual value proposition attributes could help reinvent your business and create a point of  differentiation? How could your business effectively withstand any significant reaction by competitors? We would work with management to quantify customers’ reactions to changes to your value proposition strategy, and how to drive revenue and profit growth in your business.

During periods of intense competition and price war, which could be very unprofitable time, we could help develop a robust understanding of customer buying preferences and tradeoffs. This would allow your firm to reposition its marketing mix and promote “value” in order to drive customers and revenue growth. This strategy would be tailored to each defined customer segment and then quickly execute it in the market.

Value Proposition and Pricing Optimization 

In today’s fast-moving, highly competitive marketplace, companies must endeavor to develop Value Propositions that are compelling to the perceptions of customers. Then effectively improve the economics of the value chain with efficient continuous process improvement to allow for pricing optimization. Finally, there must be flawless and successful execution to deliver superior value to the customer.

Companies also need an effective process to determine the ever changing needs of customers, competitive reactions, and the impact on earnings. They need to integrate marketing analysis, decision support, and strategy development techniques into one cohesive decision-making process. This methodology would allow companies to identify and quantify the true emerging drivers of customer perceived value (what the customer is willing to pay for in a competitive market), and evaluate the impact of alternative strategies on profit. E.g., how would customer behavior change under different changes in strategy. 

Under conditions of price erosion, declining market share, and fierce competition from domestic and international competitors, companies would need to determine which Value Proposition elements beyond price could help them to make substantial improvement. We would work with you to identify points of differentiation and competitive advantages that could turn the business around.


Change Business Strategy to Growth Strategy supported by Marketing Strategy, Transformation & Turnaround Strategies

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