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"Passion provides the energy and enthusiasm needed to get things done" - John C. Maxwell

Management & Leadership

HanssBDI provides a unique combination of consulting services and customized programs to help CEOs and other business enterprise leaders transform individual and organizational capabilities in ways that will enable them to compete, to succeed, and to grow strategically.

Organization Design & Transformation
The ultimate objective of an organizational redesign is to strategically change the organization and management systems, not just the organizational chart. A redesign must be much more than just making superficial changes to the organizational structure. We would assist you to design and lead a complex enterprise capable of creating and sustaining growth value over the long term. The effective design of an organization must focus on the systems, structures, and processes by which work gets done. It has immense potential to influence organizational behavior and drive results. An effective and efficient organization must be capable of driving business performance in a complex and changing world. The more radical the change, the more extensively it involves the core strategy, identity, and culture of the enterprise, and the greater theneed for senior management to be personally and actively involved.

Leadership Effectiveness
Successful transformation requires strong leadership from the top – a level 5 chief executive who does exceptional things in exceptional ways. However, besides focusing on their own effectiveness, CEOs must also develop strong senior management teams, build a leadership pipeline, and form productive relationships with their advisory boards. Executive action coaching is a process that fosters self-awareness and leads to the motivation to change. Successful companies realize that a systematic approach to implementing an executive talent strategy can give them a competitive edge. 

Board Effectiveness
The board of directors should effectively enforce corporate governance on behalf of all stakeholders as they are accountable for the organization's performance. They would establish clear policies and long and short-term objectives for the CEO and senior executives, and ensure the availability of adequate financial resources. Effectively appoint, support, and review the performance of the CEO.

Leadership Development
It is extremely important to develop complete and future leaders who are prepared to advance in the organization. Current and future leaders are your most valuable asset, and must have the head (strategic thinking & analysis), the heart (emotional intelligence) and the guts (ability to take calculated risk) to effectively execute your business strategy and drive business results. We are your source for continuing executive advice and strategic change imperative. We would help to develop leaders that satisfy organizational needs to compete and grow through Action Learning. 

Action Learning
We organize action learning at workplaces for clients. On the most basic level action learning is “learning by doing” in a workplace. It directly links executive development to immediate strategic needs, touching attitudes and behaviors in ways that support successful organizational transformation. Reg Revans, founder of action learning for managers, held the view that action learning occurs when practical business people learn from each
other, create their own resources, identify their own problems and form their own solutions. 

Action Learning is a continuous process of learning and reflection with the intention of getting something done. It does not use any form of simulation such as case studies or business games but workplace based problems. Learning  revolves around the need to find a solution to a real problem. Learning is voluntary and learner driven, while individual development is as important as finding the solution to the problem. We can organize accredited certification and program through the Association of International Management Centres (IMCA). 
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