Innovation and Business Design

Successful business endeavor requires an imperative of total focus on the needs of the customer. Hence, product features or service characteristics must be customer-driven.  Every opportunity must be analyzed with a broad 360 degree mindset and not a narrow view of ROI number. Excessively confident of a company’s capabilities and present successes could lead senior managers to take a narrow and pessimistic view about its foundations for growth. 

In today’s competitive marketplace, innovation should be part of the life blood of very business enterprise.  Analyze the future perspective of the market environment from a dynamic viewpoint to find solutions to current and needs of customers. If tomorrow’s activity is dictated by what is done well today, a company would usually find only a limited set of opportunities to grow. For a company to grow effectively, both core competencies and innovation capabilities would need to be built step by step. Long lasting competitive advantage comes only when companies assemble outstanding and uncommon combinations of capabilities. The discipline of creating an effective Business Design and Innovation would ultimately and consistently generate new value growth for the business.

We assists clients in reliably crafting and implementing winning strategies by helping them to follow identified best practices and move from strategic planning to strategic managing. Strategic planning should be an ongoing exercise that is linked to continuous process improvement to create value through strategic managing. When strategy is linked to execution, it greatly increases the probability of achieving the strategic objective. 

Best Practices 

In medium to large sized corporations, we would help clients to improve speed-to-market and process efficiency by implementing best practices in shared services, where support functions are industrialized to provide services to business units faster, better and cheaper. In small to medium sized corporations, we would help clients to improve speed-to-market and process efficiency by implementing the best practice within the industry to provide services to customers faster, better and cheaper.

International Growth & Export Expansion

We would work with you to develop international business or partner in other countries. In any global marketplace, there are two major avenues to organizational growth and increased profitability: Attracting new clients and improving your business relationship with existing clients. These two competitive advantages are achieved by a balanced mix of products, services and costs that provide value as defined by the markets and clients. To help you realize these potential benefits our approach builds from your current core organizational competencies and competitive advantages while preparing the ground to sustain the benefits over the long term. HanssBDI can help you meet these challenges by: 

  1. Identifying and assessing market opportunities related to your business 
  2. Crafting and implementing competitive and practical business development strategies 
  3. Developing targeted marketing strategies and plans 
  4. Identifying, evaluating and qualifying new international sources of supply at more competitive price/quality points 
  5. Acting as broker, agent and negotiator on behalf of buyers

The outcome is to create strategic revenue and profitability growth that would result in new business and new revenues.


Change Business Strategy to Growth Strategy supported by Marketing Strategy, Transformation & Turnaround Strategies

 "Passion provides the energy and enthusiasm needed to get things done" - John C. Maxwell


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Non-Organic Growth, and Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

M&A strategy combined with strong post-merger integration capabilities can be highly effective for creating growth value. Instead of just consolidation and cost cutting, it should be strongly driven by strategic reasons. Although about half of all mergers fail to deliver growth and value creation, we would work with clients to create growth value successfully.

Throughout history, no company has been able to shrink their way to create sustainable and greater shareholder value. Conversely, all those companies that created a sustainable and greater shareholder value have found new ways to grow. Therefore,  strategic growth imperative, coupled with simultaneous trends toward expanding global competition and industry consolidation, is fueling an unprecedented wave of merger and acquisition deals that will bring quick and sustainable growth through the successful use of strategic combinations. However, certain issues should be proactively and strategically addressed to ensure higher probability of success. For example: Human resources management concerns over the potential “culture clashes”; the degree, scope, and intensity of the integration; very contradictory leadership roles; and finally, the critical need to deliberately address the organizational issues well before the deal is done.

However, when mergers fail to deliver growth and value creation, each organization runs the risk of suffering damage to its core operations in any number of ways: loss of customers; a drain of talent; disruption of work processes and systems; employee anxiety, de-motivation, and diminished performance; loss of flexibility and service to customers; loss of key managerial competence; increased costs; and strategic paralysis. Consequently, these unanticipated setbacks create attractive opportunities for competitors.

We would assist clients to create a five-year view of future profit projections of current businesses. We would translate these into opportunities to accelerate organic and non-organic growth. Then apply a prioritization framework to help the client to identify the top three opportunities with the greatest potential. This could lead to a highly successful acquisition and a large-scale redirection of resources to support a top-ranking internal initiative. As a result, a firm could beat the cyclical downturn to outperform most of its key competitors.

We would assist a company in acquiring another company successfully by organizing and executing the post-merger integration planning effort and supporting the functional integration teams. The new organization could result in over several thousands or millions of dollars in annual ongoing savings depending upon the size of the company. Following a merger, we could assist a client to implement a new worldwide customer focus. We would provide assistance with customer targeting, strategy development, flexible pricing methods, organizational design and reorganization, process design, and change management.

We could undertake a comprehensive valuation of a company as part of its privatization process. A range of values would be developed using valuations based on price-earnings ratios of the industry and other similar companies’ privatizations, and asset valuations. We would develop a full discounted cash-flow analysis to establish a valuation process for the company. We would assist a company in responding to the deregulation of its sector in their domestic market by helping them to develop a strategy. Then successfully negotiate deals with several suppliers and customers. In addition, we would assist with the execution of rebuilding the operations, product design and sales training. We would assist two companies in integrating in whole or part of their value chain processes in a joint venture structure. This project could lead to an effective improvement of business model, organizational design, process redesign, shared service platform development and value-based cost alignment.