Strategy- Case Study from Featured Engagements
Working closely with our client in the manufacturing sector, we developed a strategy to increase the client's access to additional product and service revenue with end-user customers. We subsequently helped to execute this strategy, designing the operational structure, defining responsibilities, and setting up milestones. 
Assisted a direct marketer of supplemental herbal products in transformation from "product " to "customer development firm." We created a strategy to increase profitability in the face of a saturated market for its products. We undertook a project to assist the company in redefining its core business design from “product manufacturer” to “customer development company.” We then supported the client during a business design launch phase including the introduction of effective direct marketing techniques, the establishment of strategic account management, and a redesign of the organization. The direct marketing division was then put up for sale and our team’s work is estimated to have added 30 - 40% to its market value. 
Packaging and Paper company: We executed a series of new business identification and development projects to capture growth outside of the core industry, while at the same time leveraging internal strengths to serve customers with new and innovative offers. 
Direct Product Marketing: We assisted the company in developing a set of different customer value propositions for the direct consumer market, through a combination of customer segmentation and controlled experimentation. 
Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG): We assisted a CPG company in enhancing productivity, and implementing a significant cost reduction program. We also developed a strategy that capitalized on the economic scale of a worldwide operation, increased distribution efficiency by 20 - 30% while retaining closeness and responsiveness to the marketplace. 
Strategic Planning - Case Study from Featured Engagements
Construction services provider: We redesigned and implemented a new
strategic planning and capital allocation process to incorporate external
strategy development. This helped them to focus on new growth opportunities and managed their clients’ portfolio effectively. 

Chemical manufacturing company: We worked with the client to develop an alternative approach for assessing growth opportunities and future risk potential. We also established new approaches to strategic planning and strategy development for short-term, medium-term and the long-term. 
Food manufacturing company: We implemented a strategic planning process based on value-based management for this client, including overhauling the target-setting and performance measurement processes. We also restructured the planning and capital productivity process, shareholder value and the drive for quality were at the heart of resource allocation decisions. 
Retail company: We helped a retail chain to revamp its group planning, resource allocation and performance measurement framework, putting measures of economic shareholder value creation at the heart of the strategic planning processes using the balanced scorecard approach. We also implemented Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and trained the business-unit managers how to use these tools effectively. 
Operations & Technology - Case Study from Featured Engagements
High tech manufacturer: We assisted this company to redesign and implement its business design and innovation process efficiently, and created a new growth strategy including international expansion. We worked with them to realign their short to long-term strategic objectives with execution processes using the staircase approach. 

case studies

Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME) and other clients know that HanssBDI is the place to go for fast, accurate advice on a full range of organic growth, innovation, M&A, global expansion issues. These cases represent select engagements where we made a difference, we delivered high impact insights to enable profitable decisions.

Marketing & Sales - Case Study from Featured Engagements 
Great Brand needed assessment of offer attributes to grow the brand, and stop brand erosion in one of it's key divisions. We evaluated key unusual offer attributes that jump-started the brand and created a differentiated value proposition. We also worked with management and other industry experts to
identify potential moves and to quantify customers’ reactions to those moves.
We effectively created a go-to-market strategy to drive revenue growth.

What if your business is struggling with stagnant growth for several
years and need to find new avenues for growth?
We would help you to understand consumer response to a wide range of offer and pricing options and develop an optimized offer portfolio to appeal to each of the identified target segments. After strategic implementation of the recommendations, your business would experience improved revenues and operating profits.

What if your business is facing a declining customer base, considering a major format redesign or re-launch to appeal to a wider audience? We would evaluate various future options in order to isolate the various elements of the offer design, optimize the re-launch, and quantify the impact on sales and customers. The resulting re-launch with an optimized, redesigned offer would result in sales and profit growth with the least amount of customer erosion.
What if your firm faces price erosion, rapidly losing market share and fierce competition from domestic and international competitors? We would help you to determine which offer elements beyond price could help your firm to make substantial improvement. We would help you to identify clear and differentiating moves that would turn around the business and help displace the competition at key target accounts. 
What if your firm faces increasing competition in its service offerings to small and medium-sized business customers and is using reduced prices as the
primary lever to preserve its leading market share?
We would help develop a robust understanding of buying preferences and tradeoffs. This would allow your firm to strategically reposition its offer mix and promote “value” in order to drive customers and revenue growth per defined customer segment.

What if your business is facing a declining or stalled growth due to a disadvantaged product or service Value Proposition offer as well as increased
We would assist you in optimizing pricing and promotion. We would also improve the product or service offer per market segment, retail or distribution, as well as
pricing strategy and customer targeting methodology. This would result in progressive sales and profit growth.

Best Practices - Case Study from Featured Engagements
Distribution & Logistics company: We assisted functional integration teams in consolidating "back office" functions and driving consistency throughout the organization. Results exceeded anticipated savings by over 20% annually. We also addressed constant performance issue areas and reduced waste/write-offs by 25% and call durations by 10%. 
Utility firm: Worked with the client to redesign and consolidate decentralized HR, Communications, IT, Fleet, Real Estate, Facilities, and Environmental functions. The resulting organization achieved operating cost savings of 15%.
Risk Management: In some instances, our client has a combination of hard data and management expertise, but needs assistance to consolidate the information into a single framework that drives credible conclusions.  At the end of our projects, the tools we have developed are frequently embedded within the organization. This is consistent with our firm’s belief that clients are best served when the organization has the power to continuously upgrade its quantitative and qualitative skills.

The scope of this work includes: identifying optimal mitigation or hedging activities, assessing the risks associated with a long-term project, and analyzing strategic investment decisions such as acquisitions, divestitures or optimal corporate portfolios.